Khutbah by Dr. khaled abou el fadl: Wisdom and loving god as revolution, 4.29.2016

One of the most important Friday khutbahs ever delivered by Dr. Abou El Fadl. He discusses the gift of wisdom from God and how a true Muslim that exists in a state of wisdom exists in a constant state of growth and development, spiritually and intellectually, not just physically. If you are not moving and growing, but instead are stagnant and unchanging, you are effectively dead. The Islam that is popular today is one of a constant repetition of the same set of ideas and language, which is not the religion of wisdom and revelation, but a religion of atrophy and stupidity. The first converts of Islam in the Prophet's time were able to change the world because they grew as individuals, with unique capacities and abilities that were honored and developed. When one understands that the key to the treasures of wisdom (hikma) is the love of God and loving God, then everything transforms.

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