Commentaries on the Qur'an (tafsir)


"Al-Fatiha and the Ethics of A Halaqa" was the first meeting of a private halaqa (circle of learning) given by Dr. Abou El Fadl to a small group of students in San Marcos, Texas in November, 1996. Dr. Abou El Fadl presented his original commentaries on the Qur'an, beginning with al-Fatiha, and completed his commentaries on eleven surahs (chapters) of the Qur'an before the halaqa ended.

Originally, this was intended to be a small, closed halaqa to which very specific rules of conduct applied, in line with the traditional rules and responsibilities of teaching and receiving knowledge in Islamic history. The discussion of these rules and of the heavy burden of responsibility before God associated with the transmission of knowledge are covered in this series. Dr. Abou El Fadl has since given his permission to Scholar of the House to make the lectures available to outside audiences, although in no way does he grant permission, authentication or license to the listeners of the recordings to teach the materials he discusses in the tapes. The intent of the tapes is for individual listeners to further their own personal journey to God.

Dr. Abou El Fadl analyzes, word by word and line by line the meaning of the surahs, providing various points of view provided by Islamic jurists throughout history. The depth of knowledge and history provided in these lectures will help listeners appreciate the richness of the Islamic juristic heritage, the grave responsibilities associated with the pursuit of knowledge, and the beauty of the message of Islam.


Al Fatiha and the Ethics of A Halaqa


Surah 109: Al-Kafirun

Surah 112: Al-Ikhlas

Surah 114: An-Nas


Surah 113: Al Falaq

Surah 96: Al Alaq

Surah 108: Al-Kauthar

Surah 106: Al Quraish


Surah 111: Al-Lahab

Surah 107: Al-Ma'un

Surah 105: Al-Fil


Surah 103: Al 'Asr in 2 parts